XREAL Beam iPhone and iPad close mirroring

iPhone and iPad mirroring to XREAL Beam.
Netflix play movie iPhone and iPad closing mirroring.

I want to play movie.

Hi, Because of the DRM limit of the steaming apps, the contents cannot be played under wireless connection. Please try to use a wired connection and watch those DRM contents.

Hi, on the xReal website, it says “Cohesive support for DRM, including Prime Video, and Apple TV plus. I cant get those two to work wirelessly on iPad with Beam, only wired. Are those supported wirelessly on iPad, or is the website not correct?


Hi, the ‘Cohesive’ means wired connection. Please use wired connection if your want to play DRM contents.

That basically means, I need to use a wired connection almost all time - so that I can’t charge the beam and the iPad, while watching. To overcome this issue, I am trying to use the Apple HDMI converter - with that I can power the iPad using USB-C on the converter, then send HDMI out.

I am then using an HDMI to USB-C converter with micro-USB power in, for the Beam:

Now both devices are charged while watching. However, the Beam uses more battery, than what the mirco-USB power adds, so that it still runs out of batter after some time.

Question, is there another HDMI to USB-C converter which allows to charge through with more watts than with micro-USB?

Hi, currently no such converter from us, and we cannot tell you what kind of third-party adaptor is working. Sorry about it.