Xreal Beam updates timed out and slow bandwidth

Any idea why Xbeam when updating the 700 over mb patch timed out and cant get it downloaded?

Hi, it is related to the server. We are looking into this issue. Could you please try to switch to another network and try again?

i VPN into china in order to download the patch. took me nearly half a day to complete.

Hi, you don’t need to launch VPN, the server should be OK now.

Buenas noches a todos, tengo recientemente xreal beam y cuando conecto cable tipo c a Hdmi paea ps4/xbox no sale imagen por las gafas. Alguien me puede ayudar?. Gracias

Hi, please make sure the cable is HDMI-C instead of C-HDMI, they are different. And if possible, please attach the purchase link of the cable you used.