Xreal Beam wireless not working from my samsung tablet s8 plus

I just received my xBeam and trying it out with iphone 12 pro max and samsung galaxy tab s8 plus. The wired connection to my samsung table with beam is awesome and works flawlessly. However the wireless connectivity to beam from samsung tablet is not working. From the tablet I use “smart view” (samsung’s wireless cast feature) to search for beam. After a few seconds, it manage to find the beam device. I clicked on it and it just shows “connecting” and after a while it just fails

I tried using wireless from iphone 12 pro max using airplay and was able to mirror my iphone very quickly. There is definitely a noticeable lag so playing games is quite impossible. Watching youtube is reasonable good.

Can I get some help

  1. on using wireless working from my samsung table?
  2. Is xreal doing software updates to fix the beam lag issues?

Hi, could you please reboot the tablet, and try to connect again? And for the lag issue, please turn off the Depth Control and try again.