XREAL Beam with Google Pixel and\or Linux

Hi, community,

Sorry but I have already useless for me XREAL AIR:

  1. Doesnt work with Google Pixels at all
  2. Works with Linux only as an additional screen mirroring without any AR features
  3. Doesn’t upgrade firmware via browser - it doesn’t work with Chromium\Firefox on Linux

So will XREAL Beam solve my issues with:

  1. XREAL Beam + AIR with Google Pixel + Nebula to get all the features?
  2. XREAL Beam + AIR with Linux with AR features?
  3. Firmware upgrades

*I didn’t find any information about XREAL BEAN phones compatibility list, either as Linux support, so I have to ask the questions here

Thank you

Hi, the Beam currently supports Airplay, DLNA, and Miracast protocols. But the Pixel phone just supports Chromecast from what I know. So it will not work with Google Pixel unless you use DLNA in some media apps.
As I know, the Linux system supports Miracast, so it should be working with Beam and get 3Dof virtual screen;
The Beam has firmware in the system, it can update the Air glass.

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