XReal glasses keep losing focus even if the area is not that dark

Hello everyone,
I have an issue which occurred with the version 2.1(latest version) of XReal sdk. So the issue is that when I look at a darker corner or sometimes even a wall (and this happens even if there is light in the area) with the glasses, they keep losing focus and resetting. Everything freezes for a couple of seconds and then re appears when I move back and away from the spot that I was. Does anyone else have this issue?

Could you please tell me which glasses you used and what SDK demo you tested?

I use XReal light and I work on unity. I don’t use a demo scene. I work on my own scene and just updated to the latest version of xreal sdk.

Apologies for the delayed response. The 6Dof function of the Light is dependent on feature points, and the localization may become unstable if there are insufficient points, particularly when using the glasses in darker corners or against unclear textures on the wall.

I can understand that but the biggest issue is the whole freezing resetting thing. For example we have cases in which we have to scan qr codes that are placed on walls. And in previous versions we did that with the glasses and the scene wasn’t freezing and resetting even when we were staring at the wall at close distance. Is there a workaround for that? The freezing of the UI and resetting specifically.

Could you please confirm the previous version that you used? And if possible, please offer the specific phone model and full log. We will analyze the log and figure out what the issue is.