XREAL has no intention of supporting OpenXR for consumers

XREAL have no intention of adding consumer support for OpenXR, it’s now a paid business feature. Source: Samsung DEX AMA with the XREAL team. Reddit - Dive into anything

If compatibility with Open XR is required, it would necessitate our development team providing additional support and preparation work upfront, as well as ongoing maintenance. I’m sorry, but currently, we only provide paid Open XR compatibility support for our B2B customers.
In my opinion, our team will reassess the plan if we receive more feedback from the developers and our community.

Naturally XREALknows how the optics on this look, so it’s impossible to find any information.

This is a huge mistake, and will just limit the amount of apps available for the devices. We are in possession of an Nreal Light specifically for the purpose of porting an OpenXR app to it, but without this being freely available, the devices are effectively e-waste to the XR community.


Thank you @Mike_Icosa for this information, at least I don’t have to look further.

We planned to add XREAL device support to the Godot Engine using OpenXR (we are engine contributors, and implemented support for Meta and other Android headsets).

What I don’t understand is that we have been telling XREAL / NREAL for years in every forum that they opened (I think this one is the 3rd or 4th one I had to register) that they should open up their SDK, and now they claim that they have not received enough feedback.

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Have you revisited this at all? I was hoping to make a simple productivity app using Godot for the Ultras. Something that would be overkill to use one of the “U” engines on and incur their fees…

But no OpenXR, and even worse, unity only sdk?
I really feel like XReal is shooting themselves in the foot here.