Xreal m1 mac mini music performance questions(ipad + big sur 11.2.3)

i work with music applications, namely Reaper/Maschine/virtualdjfree & ipad
one of the goals im aiming toward is minimising the setup requirements regarding monitoring each application, so running these 3 applications and tieing a ipad in, is challenging as it requires multiple monitors to focus and know whats going on.

i have a handful of questions as i havent made the purchase of a xreal model as of yet
1 does the xreal stream wirelessly using the airplay functionality?
2 if using a tethered usb-c connection… and i enter my mac password blindly without any monitor, upon bootup will the xreal become the default monitor
3 has anyone used Yam air to carry question 2… as this is how i get my ipad to become the default monitor without any requirement of a wireless network or any actual tethering via airplay
4 does xreal only operate if a default monitor pre-exists
5 does the latest xreal 2 work with big sur OS… as this is the current OS im running to allow me to sideload ipa’s and to allow for channel routing as &when needed

any info from the macOs frontline users, would be great!!