Any update on Nebula for Windows OS?

Any update on Nebula for Windows 11?


We will release it in near future.

Will the update be software or will we need to purchase new hardware for windows virtual desktop

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Hi, just the firmware update is OK.

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Hi, any chance that you can be more specific on when the windows version will be released? Weeks or Months? Thanks.

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As asked a month ago, is there any estimate for when we might see a Windows version? Numerous places in documentation etc make reference to “Nebula for Windows” but after purchasing the glasses and attempting to use them, I see the Windows version is “Coming soon”. I want to love the product, but I bought them specifically to use as a replacement for my dual monitor setup when travelling for work, and can’t use them for that purpose. Hate to return them, but without any idea on when (or if?) a Windows version might be released, they’re just high potential paperweights.

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Hi, we are still debugging several issues, and please do not worry. We will release the Nebula for Windows in the near future (ETD is the later of this month).
But I need to tell you that there are several basic requirements for Windows Nebula. Your PC is recommended to come with a discrete GPU (Nvidia).

Considering that the best use case for Nebula on Windows will be laptop/mobile use, limiting to not only discrete GPUs but Nvidia specifically is much to limiting. Frankly, I feel like that would mean I waited all this time for nothing as multi-windows on my small laptop running integrated RDNA3 (AMD) graphics was my purpose in purchasing this headset in the first place. Nor has any mention of this limitation been brought up until now.

Maybe this won’t be to limiting for most but, unfortunately, if this is a real limitation, I will necessarily have to abandon this headset and move on to some other solution.

Honestly, the Windows Nebula can also be used on integrated graphics or AMD, but the stability is not good enough according to our test.

Can you suggest what’s the minimum specifications for the GPU?

Hi, from what we tested, the recommended GPU is GTX1650 or above. And please note that it is only for reference.

Would a nvida geforce rtx 4050 work?

It should be OK theoretically.

I really hope it’s available before November. I’ve been spending a bit of money over the last few months in hopes of becoming more agile when it comes to travel before my trip to Hawaii. I bought the ASUS ROG FLOW Z13 ACRONYM so I could have a portable yet powerful tablet (Intel i9 with an RTX 4070) for drone footage editing. The problem is it’s only a 13.4" screen and that’s not very conducive to video editing. I literally just bought these glasses in hopes of using them for the Virtual Desktop experience. So far I have to say they do seem like they will be an amazing product once their full potential is unleashed on a Windows platform, but I’m really hoping that can be before my trip on November 2nd to the 14th.

It will be updated this month. But before that, please try to use the beta version and see if it can work well on your PC.

I installed it this evening and have been tweaking it here and there to determine if it’s on my end (either my eyes or my machine) and I think it would definitely be usable for video editing. Here is what I’ve found so far and as a software developer myself I understand that you’re probably already working on it…

  1. Text seems to have some artifacting going on if you make the desktop too small or set the distance too far away. I’m guessing there may not be a good way around that given the resolution limits and or the refresh rate limits (60 Hz), but honestly I don’t know. I saw this in every mode I think, but definitely noticed it with the 3 and 2 screen orientations. I figure that this is an issue with the virtual desktop because I don’t notice this artifacting when I just plug the glasses in and use them as a standard display. My wife has a 2020 Intel MacBook Pro, but I haven’t tried this feature with it yet. I may try it and update this reply or create a new reply to give feedback regarding the Mac implementation. Like I said, for video editing it may end up being fine, but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to use these for developing in Visual Studio or SQL Server Management Studio.

  2. On the single 16:9 aspect ratio there is a refreshing issue as in when you move the mouse pointer, the rendering area for whatever y axis you are on, the image jumps to the right on the x axis and then snaps back into place once the pointer stops moving.

I think those are really the only major issues that I’ve seen so far.

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We have added 72Hz and 90Hz in the Nebula for Windows, which optimizes the first point you mentioned.

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Just bought new Acer nitro 450 series,Anxiously waiting for release of Nebula for windows.The glasses are awesome.Looking forward regarding release update?

Waiting for this release to buy XReal Air for work. But I have a Lenovo ideapad 3i with intel xe graphics (enterprise laptop acquired in 2023). Would there be lag or bad UX to sync with the glasses? Any entry-level laptop user has tested on the beta that the dev sent above? What would be the downside ? Thank you

In order to guarantee the performance, we recommend the GTX 1650 or above. For other graphic cards, you can still use the Nebula for Windows, but the virtual screens may be not so stable.