Google Pixel Phone

After purchasing the Nreal Air Glasses I have now found out that they are not compatible with my Google Pixel 6 Pro phone. - my fault for not checking
Will it work with my android tablet and/or is there some kind of adaptor that I could use with my phone?

Hi, if your Android tablet comes with USB-C & DP output, then the glass can work as a mirror screen.

There are 2 possibilities to use xReal Air with Pixel Phones, I have been using:

  1. Using Pixel phone with Chomecast with Google TV, see my post on this:
    Setup for nReal Air with any Android Phone to stream content

  2. Setup below, to directly share the screen of the Pixel using DispayLink HDMI adapter:

For using HDMI with Pixel phones, you need a DisplayLink compatible HDMI adapter, I got this one, as one of the smallest I found:

Complete list of DisplayLink compatible devices can be found here:

Then, to bring the HDMI to xReal Air glasses including power, I am using this adapter:

Cable nees to connect to USB-A charger, or powerbank, HDMI connects to HDMI DisplayLink adapter, other cable plugs into xReal Air.

→ Brings your Pixel screen onto xReal Air
→ This setup also works with my Lenovo Chromebook Duet - does not require DisplayLink for the Chromebook, so I assume here also a standard usb-c - HDMI adapter could be used.


Thank you so much for this, I’ll get from Amazon and give it a go!!!

You should check if your Phone supports DisplayLink, I have Pixel 7

I have a Pixel 6 Pro, not sure if it supports DisplayLink

seems it is supported:


These are the Plugable adaptors available on the Amazon UK site - Plugable

Can you tell me which one I would need, so sorry for all the questions. this is totally new to me

see link further up in the thread …

Hello. Are there any settings you have to adjust for this to work? I purchased this exact set up to use with my Pixel 6, but so far I’ve got nothing on the glasses.