Nebula for Macbook with Intel processor

Very sad to find out that my 2019 macbook pro does not have an M1 chip. I assumed it did and I can’t use the 3 monitor feature :frowning: Any update as to when we will see this update for intel processors? I basically got the nreal for that specific purpose, but I don’t want to have to return it.

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Hi, the Mac Nebula for intel is supposed to be released this month.

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Hey this would be my best message for so long. Because I wish nebula for Intel mac so hard. Then I could work so good with nreal light & Mac.

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That is great to hear! I’m looking forward to testing the intel mac version too!

hello-- can you please share where you got this information from? I assume you would be marked as an official Nreal dev if you worked for Nreal, so I am trying to understand what you are basing this on if you don’t work for Nreal. It seems like you were saying this would be released in January since it was 22 days ago, but it is now Feb and there is no indication of this at all.

Please share your sources. Thanks.

Hi, there was an Intel version last month. But that version didn’t pass internal tests, so it was not released on time. Currently, we are debugging the Intel version.

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Thanks for the update, looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Any update on this?

It also seems the glasses have stopped working on my iphone - the adapter will start blinking green and the screen on the glasses wont turn on.

Hi, have you ever updated the firmware version for your glass or adaptor? Please try to visit the link and check the current firmware version.Nreal Air - Activation and firmware update

Will do! Does this apply ti my first question as well? Thanks!

If you mean the intel Mac, then no. There are several bugs required to be fixed for the Intel version.

Is there a time frame for the bug fix? Asked nearly 3 months ago and was told January.


@XREAL-dev Any news on when the intel Mac version of Nebula will be released?

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Echoing this. Very motivated to use nebula on my Intel MacBook.

Looking forward to more about this as well

Any news on this yet? Its been a month since the last update.
I currently use my NReal Air with my M2 macbook for work (easier than taking 3 monitors with me) but I’m suppose to use the works intel based mac and not my personal device.

So even a ‘buggy’ beta release would be appreciated, dont care if its jittery or crashes every now and again just mostly working will do for now.

Or at the very least some update on progress and potential eta please.

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Bump. Bought it just for this but can’t even do anything with it. Have an iPhone so can’t even really use it with a phone.

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Sorry for this but we are trying to solve the current issue on Intel Mac.

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Just bumping. Also have this issue

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Heya! anything on this yet? a sweet month has passed