New Nebula App (V3.7.0) for Non-GP Users!

Hi, guys! New Nebula V3.7.0 is released, which supports Dual-Screen Display function and 3D Media Player!
If you cannot get access to Google Play in your region, please download the Nebula app from the following link:

Sadly this version is refusing to update from the BETA 4545 release of 3.7.0 on my OnePlus 7 pro, claiming that my device is not compatible from within the Google Playstore.

If I sideload it from the copy provided here, it installs without issue.

You need to fix your compatibility flags, I’m really astonished those two devices are receiving such a different treatment when I believe there are no noticeable differences in terms of device capabilies and they run the very same Android release.

I see no progress from the BETA 4545 of 3.7.0:

  • it requires a login just to operate, which is not EU regulation compliant (that actually seems a regression)
  • it can’t connect to my OnePlus 8
  • and there is no “media player” in the AR collection of applications. So there is no way of playing 3D videos from within there, either.
  • I can’t see much of any “Dual-Screen” support and it’s not really usable as there are nothing usable within the “AR applets”
  • the resizing dialog for the photo app appears in Spanish, which I speak and love, but I’ve not set it as a preference anywhere in the system and am afraid it might be Polish or Finnish tomorrow, which I can’t even read. I’m quite happy to be fluent in four languages but there are far too many more Android might choose from.

I just don’t see the “Media Player” app you keep mentioning and I don’t think I care for any new one, when I have a set of Android apps which I’m fond of using and which I’ve carefully vetted. And even if you were able to project a 3D movie onto a screen in 3D AR space (which I believe is not possible and could only work for games), I doubt it would be a good viewing experience.

I believe I also have a fundamental issue with your AR space, which seems designed to create a new “Xreal walled garden”, that doesn’t support normal Android apps within: that is not Android and would have Google breathe down your neck if they were to notice or care.

As in Nebula (or Google VR for that matter), there is no reason I can think of why Android 2D apps like media players and browsers shouldn’t just work on the screens in AR space.

And in fact, having to resort to an Xreal browser to surf or an Xreal media player to play media is simply not acceptable.

The only browser I dare using to access the Internet it Firefox with uBlock Origin installed to keep the worst of the Internet glut away and my phone safe.

I have no idea what ‘your browser’ is based on but I’m rather sure I don’t even want to know: I want to run my Android apps on virtual screens, I don’t want yet another vendor’s eco system polluting my very personal computer with what that vendor wants to push into my face and absconding with my personal data.

It’s fine to support extra functionality via your AR SDK, where Android simply doesn’t have it. But so far I don’t see anything that Google VR doesn’t have on my Lenovo Android VR headset.

Since that project is abandoned you may be trying to re-implement it. But Google VR does allow running classic 2D apps in addition to VR thingies, it doesn’t make the headset/glasses exclusive VR.

And since you use the moniker “augmented” that’s even less permissible than in their case where the glasses did in fact exclude reality.

This immediately asks for an update, then exits when you can’t update?
Seems a little useless to me :frowning:

Could you try downloading and installing the latest version 3.8.0? This might resolve the problem you’re experiencing. @drichardses4u