Next Gen Glasses - Features Required for Purchase - 2023 Clarification

Perhaps it’s come a time to clarify requirements for next gen glasses in order for them to have sufficient value for purchase.
The following will expand on the previous post - Next Gen Glasses - Features Required to Justify Purchase - General - XREAL Community Forum

Required Features:

  • 85deg FOV using Ant Reality style lenses/waveguides
  • 30-40 PPD sufficient for 2D Mode productivity work with small text
  • Blurriness issues resolved with Ant Reality type of lenses/waveguides
  • Beam 2D Mode support for 3840x1080 resolution i.e. equivalent of 2 monitors. Current single monitor 1920x1080 resolution is too low to be compelling for purchase
  • 3D Mode for 6DoF apps
  • HDMI adapter with USB to forward 6DoF data to host PC = current HDMI cable will not work
  • 6DoF calculated entirely and independently by the Beam without involving the host PC/Phone
  • OpenXR support via Snapdragon Spaces or similar

In my view, next gen glasses will become a compelling purchase once the above requirements are fulfilled.

Are you able to provide any updates on the progress of next gen glasses development?