NRSDK 2.1.1 Crash after minutes of run

Development Environment:

  • Unity 2021.3.21f1c1
  • NR SDK 2.1.1 (also tested on 1.10.2)
  • XReal light glasses
  • Samsung S22

What I’m doing is feeding the camera frame stream to my cloud services (just add one line of code in NRRGBCamTextureYUV.LoadYUVTexture). It works well at the beginning minutes, but will suddenly crash (usually with lower frame rates).

Here are the logs right before crashing.

I see some internal logs (events) with status code (error code), but I don’t know the exact meaning of these information. It’s weird it said the glasses will go to sleep (after some events) and then it is going to kill the application.

And the full log before (end with the start of the last file): NRSDK 2.1.1 Crash logs - 2 · GitHub

There are lots of logs complaining the low camera refequenncy:

[WARN] [NRSDK] Camera frequency is 23Hz < 28Hz, prev ts = 130154, curr ts = 131154

And nothing eles suspicious

I find some similar crashing issues in the community.

@XREAL-dev : NRSDK 1.10.2 Apps crash after 10 minutes of run-time

and NRSDK 2.1.1 Crash after minutes of run

Thanks for your log, we will check your log file ASAP.