Play 3d movies from a pc?

If you plug nreal into a pc it works like a monitor. I can watch a movie and it looks good. But is there some way to get it to play a 3d movie in the left and right eyes? I have a number of 3d movies in different formats that are recognized by 3d tvs but not by nreal when plugged into a pc as a monitor


I agree. We need to have 3D side by side support by long pressing a button. The Rokid Air does this. You would think this would be a basic feature. I hope they implement it in a future firmware update or something. I hope they at least make it accessible when it’s hooked to a PC at least. I just want to have the ability to put the device in side by side 3D mode when I’m on my PC.


Hi, thanks for your suggestion. We will take this into consideration.


These glasses are incredible! You really have done amazing things with the air model. I have never seen better optics my entire life. For years I waited for someone to make something that rivaled the Olympus eye Trek series optics and face mounted displays. Nreal you are the best in this industry that I’ve ever experienced. Please, I’m begging you to add side by side 3D support for these. If you add this support like the Rokid Air… These in my opinion will be the best head-mounted display video augmented reality video glasses in existence. :pray::crown:


I can’t believe that this wasn’t an obvious use for these glasses from the start !


Really sorry for the unconsidered functions and inconvenience that brought to you. We are trying to improve our products and bring more apps to you.


Thank you for confirming this, I was going to order another pair of these, but just ordered two Rokid Air’s. I was ripping my hair trying to figure out how to do this.

Really sorry about it, we will take 3D player into consideration and bring a better experience for you.

Please add this! I just ordered these and was looking forward to playing games in SBS 3D using Reshade +Super Depth3D plugin.

As a use of the Air is this something that can be achieved using the Nreal SDK and unity?

Yep, you can also use SDK and unity to do development even using Air. Like creating AR scene.

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I love my Air unit.
A few friends would jump in if 3D (SBS) is supported tho - for now they prefer Rokid and I don’t blame them. It’s almost the next level experience w/ 3D.

To think the gear VR had 3D 4 years ago. Maybe buying the Air was a hasty decision. Why 3D is not standard on this device is incomprehensible.

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3D video player is in the process. We want to provide a great video player to the customers, so it needs some more time.


Thank you! This has been the most missed option. There is no reason we cant have a 3d player for these glasses on a PC. This will make this perfect. I use these glasses connected to my computer as a second monitor when I work every day and the 3d player will make these perfect for all my needs. Thank you for listening to the users and working on a 3d player for us.

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Ho la la!! I am in a panic mode now. Remorse buyer… I was sure that any AR glasses had a 3D mode… please someone over there tell me it’s coming soon and when? Thanks

Hi, if you want a 3D player which allows you to play the local 3D resources, then there is no player currently, but we are making it internally, it will be released in near future.


Hi, correct, this is what we want. A player to playback 3D movies, from SD card, internal storage and even over SMB(network share). This thread is almost a year old. What “soon” mean? Are you days, weeks, months or years away from a 3D app?

What about websites with 3D contents like Youtube or other streaming 3D contents?

I am glad to know there working on the 3d player , I have questions
Does it work with mp4 file format?
Can’t wait to get my own
I was looking for something like this just an easy way to watch 3d movies and be possible for it to all work on a iPad / iPhone

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There are forks of VLC for Android, which is open source, that playback 3D movies in many file formats. Nreal dev should just compile it. The name if HeadVr and also available on Google Play Store. If we could have a 3D mode on the headset (by pressing a button) to switch to 3D (without the use of Nebula), it would be problem solved. I don’t know why they don’t allow this. I get they want to monetize by forcing you into their ecosystem, but it’s not mature enough and other vendors allow this feature so you can have any app/source(ex PC) and enjoy 3D movies.

HeadVR (GitHub - autoandshare/HeadVR: HeadVR) is an open source VR video player based on VLC.

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Excited to hear about this 3D player. I want to view stereoscopic images. Even better if it can display side-by-side content. I would love to use it with a Nintendo 3DS emulator (Citra).